Boudoir Portraits

Calgary Boudoir { Miss J }

Styled Calgary Boudoir Shoot
with Kaela of K&E Imaging

Miss J came to us back in September to talk about doing our Calgary Boudoir session for a completely unique Christmas gift for her man. She was toying with the idea of doing something special since she wouldn’t be in Calgary for most of the winter. We talked about how boudoir makes you feel sexy, even when you’re not around for your partner to see your little black book, you can feel how they love you from miles away. We rented out a little studio in downtown Calgary and had a great girls morning talking gossip, boys, trends, all while she was having her hair and makeup done by Calgary Boudoir artist Love and Colour Artistry, and maybe sneaking a couple apple turnovers in!

We started off with some fun pin up photos styled after the Toronto Blue Jays since that was his favourite team! Miss J was adorable and flirty as we brought in a real  bat and she told me she had actually never swung a bat in her life! We’ll we had to break that cherry! She may have been in heels and a skirt, but you can tell she would be a natural at it if her partner ever challenged her to a slow pitch game in the Calgary summers. As we started getting set up for the next section of our shoot, she was explaining to me the details of her emergency surgery in the summer time. She was feeling a bit shy about her body because of the large scar it left, she changed into her lingerie, and I thought she’d need some extra shots to get comfortable, but she rocked it and came out with all the confidence saying ‘He loves me the way I am! He didn’t know me before my scar and didn’t judge me then’ Her confidence told me that there was NO FEAR for this part. You can tell by the look in  her eye in the photos below there was no stopping her here.


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Banff Mountain Wedding – C&A {Married}

Classic storybook tales at this cozy mountain wedding in Banff, Alberta

The Rocky Mountains. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Calgary, a perfect place to hold any mountain wedding, creating such a beautiful scenery for all to come and adore. A place that brings us closer to the heavens, where people come to relax and easily fall in love over and over again. We were so lucky to be invited to share a beautiful day with C&A as they said their vows in front of the mountains glory, where the day was filled with so much love and true peace that you could see on everyone’s face. The ceremony was breathtaking as the bride and groom wrote the entire thing, chose all the verses from the bible, wrote beautiful vows to each other, and the hills were truly alive with the sound of music from their friends at Harmony Through Harmony, and some beautiful flute, guitar playing, and singing from more loved ones. One of us had a hard time keeping it together and had to shoot through some tears! Wonder who that could have been…

We just had the most wonderful day hanging out with these guys and getting to know them even more and getting some great laughs and some great photos while we were doing it.

Please, take a look through their special day, enjoy the mountain wedding and view, revel in the love that they share, and contact us for your mountain wedding!

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OnCue & SHINE { Calgary Event Photography }

Calgary Event Photography – On Cue & Shine

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Especially for all the Christmas Carols. I grew up singing and dancing in the Youth Singers of Calgary and since retiring you can’t keep me away from seeing my favorite singers singing my favourite songs. This year they held a special Christmas concert with OnCue and SHINE. An awesome a Capella group and a great high intensity singing and dance crew. We have the great pleasure to be friends with these singers and always enjoy coming to their shows for some entertainment. We love coming to do their event photography and hope to see many more shows!

Here are some photos from their performance! Be sure to check them out at and download OnCue’s new album off iTunes!

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About Us

{ Calgary Photographers } A K&E Year In Review

It is that time of year where we Calgary photographers get a chance to catch up on some work, visit with family, and reminisce about the weddings, engagements, beauty sessions, glamour sessions, birthdays, shooting adventures and so much more that Calgary photographers can get into during the hot season.

We were so fortunate to start off our year with the support of our great family and friends and open up our business as Calgary photographers, web designers, and plenty of other random things we pick up. As soon as summer showed us its warm, sunny face, we hit the ground running! Our very first wedding was in Jasper! This was the first time we have ever been to this mini Banff, we explored the little town, met our clients at their beautiful ceremony just off a cliff! it was amazing! From there the ball kept rolling, several weddings in Calgary, awesome creative engagement sessions, many new meetings with amazing Calgarians, and even some folks from out of town!

Aside from the busy Calgary photographers life in meetings, editing, photographing, and creating, we were busy creating our life at home too. We have been planning our own wedding in the last year and getting prepped for our future together as husband and wife! And what better way to do this than explore the fun things we can do together! We tried out running in the Color Me Rad 5k race, danced out in the snow in September, among so many other things 🙂

There is so much more that should be included in this list, but I’ll just let these photos explain a bit more. They do speak a thousand words don’t they?


Absolute Combustion {Website design & Photography}

Technology changes on a day to day basis, phones, vehicles, cameras, websites, anything you can think of it probably has something new and improved. In any area of our economy things are changing.

We met up with Absolute Combustion Inc back in October to create their new website and get them launched with their unbelievable product. We know for a fact that these people here are going to revolutionize the way we think safety and oil and gas, not only that but efficiency and its going to reduce our waste on our planet. Their burners have so much to offer in every area of environmental safety and preservation. To learn more about their product and their mission, check out their website :


Where we came in was giving them a fresh look to their website. Something that was definitely going to grab their audiences attention and still be able to present the facts. We went up to their warehouse in Edmonton, dove into learning about their product, their demographics, and their mission. We witnessed the burner in action, and it was completely mind-blowing! This technology has the potential to change the world. It got us very excited.

For the photo shoot, we brought our whole studio with us to capture the team, the equipment, and the magic. Thankfully our equipment managed to survive the trauma of the demo 🙂

The other exciting thing for us is that our photos (for the first time ever) have been published in a magazine!

Engagement Portraits

{ Engagement Session } B&D K-Country

There’t nothing quite like heading out to the mountains for a romantic canoe across a pond, gazing up at the endless sky, camping out, walks with adorable puppy Waldo, and eating smores. Mmm. This sounds like the perfect way to spend an engagement session on a September afternoon shortly after a freak snow storm in Southern Alberta. So like any dedicated outdoorsy people we headed out with these two for quite the adventure just past Elbow Falls to a little pond / picnic site for their cozy engagement session.

We have to thank these two for the awesomely fun time we had coming up with this shoot. From renting the canoe, setting up a cute little tent spot, prepping the fire, and of course being ready and willing for anything that came up. In fact, just when we were finishing up some smores, Elijah comes running back shouting that we had to go to a spot just by the road. Holy moly were we lucky, right at sundown infront of a gorgeous setting of mountains and fluff… I couldn’t tell you what type of plants they were (maybe I’m not as outdoorsy as I lead on) but no matter, it was a magical moment.

Take a peek into the cozy session with B&D


Comments from our clients:

Our experience with K&E Imaging for our engagement pictures was outstanding. Our afternoon with Kaela and Elijah was so easy going and fun. We met with them at Starbucks a month or two earlier to talk about what we envisioned, they took all of our ideas into consideration and in the end made all of our dreams a reality.

They took the time to locate a canoe and bring it all the way out to Kananaskis. They brought some other props for the tent and fire pictures to combine with what we had as well. In the end everything looked perfect. We love the outdoors and Kaela and Elijah did an amazing job of capturing that. We even got some great shots of our fur child Waldo. They made sure that we had all the shots we had wanted and more.

Our favorite part of working with Kaela and Elijah was their excitement about photography. They would just light up when they would get a great shot; this is not just their job it is their passion. For example, Elijah found the area with the fluff blowing around after a bathroom break and ran back to where we were immediately. We went to the area right away because the sun was in the perfect position and if we waited another minute we would have missed it.

We cannot wait to work with Kaela and Elijah on our wedding day. We know they will capture all the perfect moments and we will have a ton of fun doing it.”



Business Portraits

Knits with Attitiude {Knitatude}

If there’s one thing we know about here in Calgary – it’s cold. We get it for more than half the year, which really takes a toll on our fashion statements! We can’t always wear those cute fall outfits, even if we do its covered by a 10 pound parka. One way we beat those fashion woes is to dress up the parts that people can see with scarves, headbands, and toques! Whatever your Summer style is I can guarantee you bundle yourself up with one or more of these things the minute Winter hits. That’s where Knitatude comes in.

So whether you’re looking for a cute scarf to go with that awesome knit sweater your mom gave you last year or just need something to keep your head warm this Winter, look no further than Knitatude. We met up with Chantal earlier in the fall to do her first installment of scarves, she told us the whole reason she started knitting was because she wanted a knit scarf for Christmas and was a little upset she didn’t get one, so like any talented crafty women she made her own.  Her business had already started to take off with her custom Harry Potter cowls and infinity knitted scarves and she was quickly expanding and sold out at her very first market! Way to go!

Our last shoot together was a hoot and a half! We had so many amazing people come through our door to participate in her newest catalog shoot. There was snow everywhere, whipped cream, and as always – lots of laughter. We are so proud to call Chantal our friend and can’t wait to see where she goes! We hope to be there every step of the way.

Check out the video of the shoot below and some of the awesome custom knits you’ll find at this weekends Market Collective

December 5th-7th
Friday 4-9 PM
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM

Chinese Cultural Centre
197 1st street SW
Calgary AB



K&J { Married } Rustic Fall Wedding in Calgary

October makes the perfect setting for any fall wedding here in Calgary. The leaves are finally that golden yellow, only a few winter winds are blowing, and its a fantastic time to celebrate! K&J’s wedding was absolutely stunning in all the beautiful colours, shared by all their close family and friends. The love radiating off these two was brighter than the sun. We are so fortunate to spend the day with them and share their story.

Kristin & JP made their day incredibly perfect in a way that everyone attending could see the love these two share. Everything was hand made with love and had all the personal touches that you would expect from this couple from the centerpieces, to the cake pops, and who could forget those candies all the way from New Zealand! They wowed us at the end of the night with their perfect two step and of course the bridesmaids shocked us all with their flash mob of the Backstreet Boys!

We had such a great time being with this couple and we hope you enjoy flipping through their day!


Where – Ceremony: Bonavista Evangelical Church
             Reception: Heritage Pointe Golf Course
Dress – Ethos Bridal Group (veil was Heather’s old one, I’m not sure where she got it)
Suits – Derks Formals
Cake Pops – Sweet Treats by Lara Kozan
Decorations – yours truly 😉 found stuff at dollar stores, Home Depot, online, wooden slabs were from a friend’s wedding
Linens – Monster-in-Law Wedding Rentals (
Boots – Alberta Boot Company
“K&E Imaging shot our wedding, and to say I was beyond thrilled with the pictures would be an understatement. They are wonderful to work with and the product they delivery is astoundingly beautiful and professional. They made me feel gorgeous on my wedding day, and every other time I have shot with them I have had the same great experience. Kaela and Elijah have huge talent and an ability to shoot every type of event with precision and uniqueness. These people are always my go-to!”

Beautifully Real Movement

As the snow starts to fall and the christmas tunes start to come out, I like to sit here and think about how wonderful this year has been so far. We’ve been so fortunate to meet so many wonderful couples, local businesses, and wedding vendors. Today I just want to share a little project that we did with Durand Bridal called The Beautifully Real Movement.

We met them back in July when I was shopping for my wedding gown. Out of all the places we had been to this one was by far the best. Just walking through the doors made me feel comfortable and at home. I started talking with the stylists and started to get to know a little more of the history of Durand Bridal, a family owned company, and all about making every woman no matter what shape or size feel beautiful. This touched my heart in so many ways because I have been on the journey of self love and learning to love my shape and size no matter what I see in magazines or what bone structure I wish I had. So I HAD to be part of their Beautifully Real Movement.

A couple months later we got together to discuss details on how we could make this happen, how could we bring in 15-20 women, dress them up in 40-50 designer gowns, and fit it all into one day… On November 16th, 2014 we did it.

40 dresses. 15 inspirational women. 2 photographers. 2 sets. 6 hours.

We are so happy to share these images with you and hope that we can inspire your inner beauty queen to come out and play with us

See more on Durand Bridal’s Facebook Page! Like and follow them for all their updates. Check out their Website for more designers.

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