Absolute Combustion {Website design & Photography}

Technology changes on a day to day basis, phones, vehicles, cameras, websites, anything you can think of it probably has something new and improved. In any area of our economy things are changing.

We met up with Absolute Combustion Inc back in October to create their new website and get them launched with their unbelievable product. We know for a fact that these people here are going to revolutionize the way we think safety and oil and gas, not only that but efficiency and its going to reduce our waste on our planet. Their burners have so much to offer in every area of environmental safety and preservation. To learn more about their product and their mission, check out their website :

www. absolutecombustion.com

Where we came in was giving them a fresh look to their website. Something that was definitely going to grab their audiences attention and still be able to present the facts. We went up to their warehouse in Edmonton, dove into learning about their product, their demographics, and their mission. We witnessed the burner in action, and it was completely mind-blowing! This technology has the potential to change the world. It got us very excited.

For the photo shoot, we brought our whole studio with us to capture the team, the equipment, and the magic. Thankfully our equipment managed to survive the trauma of the demo 🙂

The other exciting thing for us is that our photos (for the first time ever) have been published in a magazine!

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