Family Portraits

A Very Colourful Family Photo shoot

Why not change up our Family Photo Shoot?

Meet the fabulous family that said no to a normal family photo shoot and embraced the wild and crazy mess that family can sometimes be!

POW! SPLAT! were common sounds at this crazy fun family photo shoot! They took sibling rivalry to a new level and made it so much fun! Meet the wonderful sisters that live a distance from each other but made so much effort to come together and do something special together. The thought of this shoot warmed my heart and I was so incredibly excited to meet them!

Unfortunately I fell ill the morning of the shoot 🙁 BUT this is why K&E is such a great team, Elijah took the reins and ROCKED this shoot. I am so incredibly proud of my partner in crime for doing his very first (on his own) family photo shoot! Thanks to the family for being so understanding and so willing to be wild and crazy.

Have a look through their family photo shoot <3

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Okotoks Erratic – Big Rock Alberta

K&E Adventuring

After a full week of being sick, we decided to take a little break and get into nature a little bit. Elijah and I have both lived in Calgary our entire lives but have never been to the Okotoks “Big Rock” and no kidding… its huge. We looked into the history of this big rock and its apparently from Jasper… Jasper! We drove there last year and thats one long drive, so how a piece of the mountain made it all the way here is absolutely amazing.

For more history check it here! The Blackfoot story for how the rock split in half is probably my favourite though.

One hot summer day, Napi, the supernatural trickster of the Blackfoot peoples, rested on the rock because the day was warm and he was tired. He spread his robe on the rock, telling the rock to keep the robe in return for letting Napi rest there. Suddenly, the weather changed and Napi became cold as the wind whistled and the rain fell. Napi asked the rock to return his robe, but the rock refused. Napi got mad and just took the clothing. As he strolled away, he heard a loud noise and turning, he saw the rock was rolling after him. Napi ran for his life. The deer, the bison and the pronghorn were Napi’s friends, and they tried to stop the rock by running in front of it. The rock rolled over them. Napi’s last chance was to call on the bats for help. Fortunately, they did better than their hoofed neighbours, and by diving at the rock and colliding with it, one of them finally hit the rock just right and it broke into two pieces.

Have a look through our little adventure, plus meet our new friends Jeff & Beth! They are pretty awesome. Both of them live in Okotoks and were just hanging out and took us up the rock (Sorry Okotoks) We had a blast getting to know them, Jeff is a bull rider who competes locally and will be in the Cowboys for a Cure in Cochrane end of May! You can bet we’ll be there cheering him on! and Beth is just an all around sweetheart! Shes gorgeous and has a great down to earth personality.

If either of you find this please contact us!!! We are sad we didn’t trade information on Friday!