A K&E Bridal Shower – Vintage Garden Tea Party

Planning a wedding can be so stressful but so rewarding when the events finally come around! This was the case for my own bridal shower just a couple of weeks ago. My family and friends pulled together to create an absolutely wonderful atmosphere for a garden party in my parents backyard here in Calgary. I had a hand in some of the planning but it was all pulled together by my Mom, Aunts, and of course my incredibly wonderful Bridesmaids.

The theme was a Vintage Garden Tea Party, and so we made finger sandwiches, snacks, dips, drinks (the red wine sangria was first to go!) and of course the party was completed with big hats and bigger dresses! I was blown away by everyone’s outfits and the time and effort it took to come up with some of the creative pieces they made 🙂

When everyone was finally settled my MOH put together some wonderful games to play. A week before she had sent Elijah and I questions to answer and made sure that we didn’t peek at each others answers. Later guests were invited up to place toothpicks with either a bride or a groom on them to guess who said what or who does what! It was so funny to see some of the answers and which ones were absolutely in my favor or in his. We also played a game called whats in your purse. This one was wild, you gained points for anything currently in your purse that matched the sheet and oh my goodness, my aunt won with 155 points… The big ticket items that won you a lot of points were Feathers, a weapon, or a laptop… She had the weapon! It was incredibly funny! Everyone was trying to guess which one it was, and thankfully it was just a swiss army knife 😛 We all had a good giggle! And last but not least it was time for the toilet paper bride game! We split off into 5 teams and had to create a wedding dress, veil, and bouquet in 5 minutes…. boy… did people ever rush around to do this! There was amazing creativity, and I’ll have to admit my team had a bit of an edge because they chose me for their model 😛 So of course we won… but the other gowns were amazing haha, I especially liked how a couple of them couldn’t walk in their gowns hahaha!

After we wrapped up on the hot day I couldn’t have been more thankful for all the amazing women that came to the shower. I left with tears thinking of how special I feel that not only am I marrying the man of my dreams, my best friend, my business partner, and soulmate, but I have an amazing support system of friends and family who came out to celebrate this once in a life time kind of thing. I can not wait to share our big day with them <3



Some words of advice I can give to anyone planning their bridal shower is to remember to take a few minutes and soak everything in! Remind yourself that you’re being taken care of, there is plenty of time to see and talk to everyone so EAT, DRINK, LAUGH, and most of all just remember all this is for you and you are incredibly special on this day! Oh I also suggest hiring someone to take photos for you! I’m currently making my photos into an album I can put with all of our wedding stuff later ^_^ I’ll be making a blog post when that arrives too!




Here’s a peek into some details of the shower 🙂


Catering / Food making done with love from my Mom – Lorie, Aunt Merina & Willie
Flower arrangements by my Aunt Charlene
Decorations set up by my bridesmaids Anissa and Amaira ( I apologize for those crazy pom poms!)
Games arranged by my Maid of honor Andrea
Photos taken by Amaira – thanks for being such a trooper and capturing the moments and making sure the camera was out of my hands most of the time 😉
Cupcakes from : Cake Bake Shoppe
My dress by Bonnie Inglis
Belt from Eileen Treacy Couture


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