Erika + Joe Baby Announcement!

Baby Announcement + 3rd Year Anniversary

After meeting Erika + Joe just last year we knew right away that we were going to be friends! These two are so incredibly interesting and always bring something new to us to do for their photoshoots. We were absolutely tickled pink when they asked us to do another anniversary shoot. Then she dropped the bomb of HAVING A BABY! I couldn’t be happier for the two of them on such an amazing journey. I have loved getting updates about the baby’s growth and ideas for names. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this baby will be, he or she has the most amazing loving parents.

Hooey, ok enough of the mushy stuff I think I have something in my eye… The idea for the shoot was all Erika, first location was a farm in Cochrane with all of their dogs! I know from experience that one dog is enough to handle for photos but three dogs! Thankfully these guys were incredibly well behaved and my favourite call back for one of them is “Skywalker” haha! After playing around with the dogs we had the chance to hang out with some pretty awesome horses, they were incredibly tame and very funny to work with 🙂 I can’t wait to do something like that again! We took a short break and headed to Cobb’s Corn Maze just off of 16th Avenue. Although it was pretty chilly that day we didn’t think it would be cold enough to close down a fun park… Sadly we had to re-plan the pumpkin picking for another day.

Round 2! We headed to the Corn Maze again a couple weeks later and had an absolute blast! They picked their plumpy pumpkins and picked out the guts and did some carving! It was really adorable watching these two make designs and carve them out. Next it was time to get a little lost. I have never been in a corn maze and can honestly get lost pretty quickly… There’s no google map to get me out of there… It was so much fun playing in the corn and it turned into some amazing shots.

I was so excited to see their baby announcement the other day and I’m so happy I can finally share more of the photos here on K&E Imaging. Can’t wait to meet the little peanut Erika + Joe!

Another big thank you to Emilia Art Makeup for doing an amazing job

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