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Lisa & James Wedding On Ice!

Taking “On Ice” To A New Level

If you live in Calgary, you know that hockey is an incredibly precious game for most people. In 2004 our city became friends, brothers, and sisters, when the Calgary Flames made it to the final round of the NHL Playoffs. You couldn’t walk down the “Red Mile” without getting a hoot and a holler GO FLAMES! or even a giant hug from the guy next to you when the Flames scored a goal.

Hockey brings people together and its a beautiful thing. This is also true for newlyweds Lisa & James. They were married at center ice in the Winsport arena at COP. On Skates. Yes, when you ask what brand of shoe the bride wore on her wedding day you can put down “Easton.” They created a center isle right on the red line, the bride, holding hands with her mom and dad skated down to meet her soon to be husband. There wasn’t a dry eye during the ceremony lead by one of our favorite officiants Rork Hilford. Once they made it clear that they would still love each other even if the other was a better hockey player and my favorite part “You ┬ámay now kiss the bride!” They did something truly unique. A victory lap as husband and wife! What a better way to ring in a new chapter in life! (Makes me wish we could have done that.)

But not only did the couple get a chance to go skating, the rink was open to everyone for a free skate with the bride and groom. Receiving line shmeiving line! Just skate up to them and congratulate the newlyweds!

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Lisa and James invited us into their lives for their wedding day. We are excited to share a little sneak peek with you