Marnie & Frank’s Wedding Celebration!

Marnie & Frank’s On Stage Wedding

Marnie & Frank’s wedding is most definitely our most memorable wedding of 2016. Calgary weather of course decided to be against us and was calling for 30-40mm of rain… Luckily they had a perfectly planned wedding inside of the Martha Cohen Theater part of Theater Projects in the heart of Downtown Calgary. If there’s one thing we absolutely know about Marnie & Frank is that they don’t let anything get them down. You can ask anyone who knows them is that they are always smiling, always willing to give a helping hand and will make you smile through whatever you are going through. They are the kindest people we know and are now very, very lucky to also call them friends!

The wedding day itself was filled with big smiles, happy tears, champagne, and I believe there was rum in the boy’s flasks? Their first look happened at the foot of the iconic staircase in the Fairmont Palliser Hotel lobby. Marnie gracefully met up with Frank and there was nothing but ear to ear smiling from both of them then promptly showing off attire like Marnie’s beautiful gown and Frank’s rubber duckie socks.

We continued to doing the formal part of the photography day and man, this is one gorgeous looking group. There is not a bad photo of any of them. They killed it when we asked for a Vanity Faire look. The boys were so incredibly debonair while the girls gave all the sass they had! I loved every moment of their formal session! These folks make our job look so easy.

When it came time to head towards the ceremony we took an adventure through the +15 walkways to Alberta Theater Projects where we had a chance to view the ceremony space for the first time all beautiful decorated with the Chuppah custom designed for the Bride and Groom. It almost had us in tears. We were so thrilled that this would be the space that Marnie and Frank would continue their lives as Husband and Wife.

After the I Do’s had been said, the glass broken, and the recessional it was time to PARTY!!!! We all headed back to the Fairmont Palliser in their ballroom to get some grub, a lot of wonderful heartfelt speeches, and so many wonderful family blessings. It was time for the Hurrah. We have honestly never experience such a wildly awesome tradition and with so many people. It was a fantastic mess of people who knew what was going on and other people who were experiencing it for the first time. I’m a bit of a safety freak and being thrown up in chairs had me gripping the camera harder than usual hoping one of them wouldn’t go flying out of it. Turns out everyone had a good handle on those chairs haha!

Once the room was nice and warm the Mocking Shadows came on and totally blew my mind. The quality and energy of this band is absolutely amazing and I would strongly recommend them to anyone!!

We had such an amazing time celebrating and capturing Marnie & Franks wedding day and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.