Alana & Jeff’s “Backyard” Calgary Wedding

Phew! Its about time that I blogged here! 2016 was a whirlwind for us with so many fantastic couples and you’re about to see one of my favourites! We met Alana at one of our 2015 weddings she was the bridesmaid for Brie at their Fish Creek Park wedding in September. You may have seen their super adorable engagement session posted on Calgary Bride’s blog or if you were one of the lucky ones to attend the gift opening they got an amazing painting of one of our images! 

Anyways I’m getting ahead of myself! Back to the day of the wedding! It was absolutely stunning that day, the sun poked out after it had been raining the whole week and warning for rain in Calgary too! The moment I walked into the girls place they were all completely ready just sitting on the couch, they were fast to get ready! it just means more time for giggling and champagne! It was an emotional morning as old friends helped new friends get ready. My absolute favourite part of the morning was watching Alana get into her wedding dress, or I should say her mothers wedding dress. Alana wore her mothers original dress from her wedding over 30 years ago. How incredibly romantic is that!! It fit her like a glove and she looked absolutely stunning. I’m definitely emotional and when the girls starting tearing up so did I!! It was so beautiful watching everyone hug and cry and kiss <3 

The day quickly continued to the first look. IF you’re considering doing a first look, definitely go through here and feel the intimacy from these two as they see eachother for the first time in their wedding attire. Jeff is absolutely full of emotions and it was great to watch him watch Alana walk towards him and you could feel the excitement coming off the two of them. Again, I was crying behind the lens while capturing these moments. 

Their reception was absolutely stunning. They wanted to have a nighttime backyard wedding feel with lanterns and lights going across the room. They sure pulled it off! The whole room was decorated with photos and memories of Alana & Jeff’s life together so far as well as artwork by Jeff. The ceremony was amazing and brought many a tear to everyone. Once the kiss of man and wife happened everyone toasted with a glass of champagne! 

Going through these photos again really excites me for more 2017 weddings! We still have dates available! 

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