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Linda’s 30th Birthday Cake Smash

Yes, Adult Cake Smash Sessions Are A Thing! 

The latest Pinterest craze has been Adult Cake Smash Sessions and I couldn’t be more on board with this! If you know me I’m always looking for new ways to have fun with my clients and create new experiences for them! This is also so much about celebrating YOU! What you’ll get from an adult cake smash session

  • CAKE!
  • Champagne
  • More time to celebrate
  • Laughter (bring your friends its even more fun!) 
  • Photos to send to your parents (and embarrass them if that’s your thing!)
  • Did we mention CAKE!?

Add this onto your birthday celebration day or do it before hand to create unique invitations! The options are limitless, add more friends, do it outside, have margaritas, ANYTHING! These sessions are about you and you can add whatever you want to our already great package. 

It was so great working with Linda! We had been working together at Novia Mia and she told me she was having a 30th birthday celebration! I couldn’t help but mention the idea and she went for it hands down! We set up the studio like any other cake smash with balloons, a cake from Cake Bake Shoppe, and of course a bottle of champagne. She brought her best friend with her and it became a little party! 

Turning a milestone or just want to have a lot of fun?? Send us a message and we’ll get the ball rolling! 

Need some inspiration? Check out the photos and video below