Marlene & Mark – Anything Grows + Cochrane Engagement Session

“We met while working at Anything Grows, a local greenhouse in Cochrane…”

Marlene & Mark’s Cochrane AB Engagement Session

I’ve known Marlene for quite some time, although not close friends we’ve been “aware” of each other haha! I was so excited when I saw they were getting engaged and then even more excited when they asked us to be their wedding photographers. As we started to plan their engagement session we talked about going to a park in Calgary somewhere, try and get some golden hour photos until I read their “How we met” story. I knew we had to do something with Anything Grows a green house in Cochrane AB. 

Here’s a bit of their story : 

“Mark and I met when working at Anything Grows; a local greenhouse in Cochrane. I was home for the summer and excited to have a fun summer job.

Mark was a bit younger…. he didn’t even have his drivers licence when we met. Since I had a car and would often leave on my lunch break I started to go on lunch with Mark. Partially because he was always sooo hungry and begging for me to bring him something back and it was nice to have some company.

We would often go to the Cochrane Ranche and hangout on the grass; chatting and getting to know each other. After our first summer working together I went back to Lethbridge for school and we kept in touch via MSN chat (lol) and Facebook.

I returned for another summer and got my job back at Anything Grows, we continued to go for lunch and enjoyed working together during our second summer at Anything Grows.

I returned to Lethbridge again and came home for another summer at Anything Grows…. this time Mark was suddenly grown up!!

Together with our very good friends Tynan and Andrea (who also met, and worked at Anything Grows) we started hanging out after work! That summer was the best ever as we all lived for our evenings together and spent what felt like the whole summer together. It cemented our attraction and we have been inseparable ever since!!”

Tell us! How did he propose?

“This summer we planned a trip that would take us to Creston to visit Pat & Cec and then on to Shuswap to visit my family. Before we left Mark had asked me if I wanted to spend a day “just you and me?” I thought it would be a great idea since our vacation would be short and it would be nice to spend some time together.

Mark suggested we visit the Glass House which is a tourist attraction in Creston where we had visited on our first trip to Creston during the summer we started dating.

On Tuesday August 9th we got up and went to the gym for a quick workout and came home and had breakfast with Cecile. Mark and his Mum played a game of crib and I napped…

It was a slightly overcast day which is rare for Creston so Mark packed up some firewood so we could go to the beach and have a fire.

We headed out for the Glass House and a nice date day. We walked around the site and Mark kept taking pictures… which is somewhat out of character for him. He seemed kinda fidgety and at one point said “I need a snack, do you need a snack, I’m going to go get our snacks.” He went to the car and came back with his backpack; we had some snacks and enjoyed the view.

After our snack we decided we had explored enough and we would head to the beach for a fire. As we were walking out I hear Mark say “Heeeey…” and I turn around to see him on one knee with his hand outstretched and a sparkly ring in his fingers. He asked me to marry him and I said yes!!”

What do you guys do for fun?

Play volleyball, workout, go outside, garden, watch TV/Movie, cook together, talk!

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Seeing each other at the beginning of the ceremony! GETTING MARRRRIED and celebrating with our friends and family 🙂