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Brianna & Dave Canmore E-Session

Canmore E-Session
Brianna & David

I adore engagement sessions especially when we get to head out to the mountains! Canmore is my future living spot… Anyways! Photographing Brianna & Dave was so much fun. These two know how to goof around and I don’t think we stopped laughing. Dave is the king of Dad jokes and a good thing too with 2 little girls. Here are some awesome facts about Brianna & Dave. 

Tell us where and when you first met
We first met when Dave came into the Husky restaurant while I was serving breakfast one more. It was an instant connection.

Tell us about your first date. Where? When? What did you feel?
We went to Toad & Turtle and spent 5-6 hours just talking and laughing. We didn’t even realize how many hours we’d been there for!

When did you know your fiance was the one?
The first time we talked

When did you get engaged?
Dec 20, 2016

Tell us about the proposal (from your own point of view) Details please! (we’re sappy for this stuff)
It was hilarious and not romantic at all at first lmao (The only thing romantic was what he said when he asked lol). We had just come home from dinner with my family for my nephew’s birthday. *please be prepared for rude humor* haha….I was *ahem* peeing and was at the perfect height to look like I was going to propose to Dave. So, naturally I grabbed his hand while I was peeing and jokingly asked him “will you marry me?” Then I, as normal, let a big one rip and yelled “blow dry!!” hehehehe!!!! He laughed so hard and then walked around the corner to the bedroom. I was washing my hands and he kept grabbing me and telling me he loved me so much and I was laughing, asking him if I could wash my hands please! Haha. He took my hand and walked me to the bed and then got on one knee. Dave told me how he never thought he would want to get married until the day he met me, how I am the girl of his dreams and nothing could make him happier then to spend the rest of his life with me. We cried our little sappy eyes out and hugged and I jumped up and down haha. Obviously, I said yes! Who wouldn’t say yes to such an amazing man?! 😁 We called everyone and then I told him he can hang out with his friends now….lmao jkjk. It is a fantastic memory and I wouldn’t change anything.

What do you do together for fun? Watch sports? Drink coffee? Play games? Cook? Movies? Workout? etc…
We love to cook and watch movies together! We’re definitely into fitness and Dave is all about MMA and boxing. He used to box competitively. We also love to go out for dinner and enjoy a nice brewski here and there as well.

What is your favourite kind of wine?
Red wine….bear flag, cupcake, dreaming tree,

What are your favourite snack foods?
Chips & Candy!! Dave loves sour candies, dill pickle & ketchup chips. I love anything! Gummies and sour, all chips…I buy a lot of healthy/organic snacks

If you were to have a “ME” day, what 3 things would you do for yourself?
Massage, Spa (hair & nails), nap 😊👌🏼

What’s one thing you think we should know about you that has defined who you are today?
I feel like I have been through a lot of adversity in my life but I have come out stronger every time. Through everything, I can still see the good in people and laugh about life.

What 3 qualities best describe your fiance?
He is so fun loving, thoughtful and just loving

What would your fiance say are your best 3 qualities?
His unconditional love, his crazy sense of humour ( he always knows how to make me smile, even when I don’t feel like smiling), and how much of a hard worker he is. He is such a helpful man and I love having him around!

Tell us about your personal style. Are you modern, vintage, romantic, trendy, athletic, etc…
We are definitely romance with rustic I’d say

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?
Just marrying this wonderful man and spending my life with him. Knowing that we get to be old, saggy people together.


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