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Disney + Star Wars + Wedding = Best Thing Ever
September 2nd, 2017

This wedding is every Disney Nerd’s dream come true. What I love about Erin & Jeff is that they are not afraid to be who they are and the details in their wedding day were a perfect example of that. Combing details from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast and Star Wars, sound like an odd combination? At first, I thought so too. But you need to see how perfectly they pulled it off after we ask them a few details about their wedding day! 

What was your most anticipated part of the day 
Jeff – The first look: seeing Erin for the first time all dressed up in her beautiful dress.
Erin – After the I dos: I couldn’t wait to just celebrate with our loved ones as husband and wife (finally!)

Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?
E& J: We had planned to have a kissing game instead of our guests clinking glasses. We had a 20-sided die that if you rolled 11-20, we would kiss (critical hit!), but if you rolled 1-10, you had to kiss someone (critical miss!). Well, our emcee – Jeff’s dad Peter, decided to alter the deal. If a guest rolled 20 – THEY got to kiss one of US. If they rolled a 1 – they had to kiss Peter! One of our groomsmen, Sean, decided to gamble and found himself rolling a critical miss. Just as he went to kiss Jeff’s dad Peter on the cheek, Peter turned and kissed him square on the lips! The entire reception roared with laughter and Sean will never live down the fact that he went to first base with Jeff’s dad.

What ended up being your favourite part of the day?
Jeff: I really enjoyed playing the shoe game and seeing everyone’s reactions to our responses
Erin: The sunset photos! After most of the big stuff was already done, it was just the two of us with Kaela & Elijah, totally overwhelmed with happiness that the day had gone well and we were married!

In your own words describe how you felt during the most special moments of the day. IE: Getting ready, during the ceremony, right before you said “I do”
Jeff: Getting Ready: Excited and confident – I had a great bunch of guys with me and although this was a new experience for me, I was with familiar faces. I was confident in the choices that I had made to be here and I knew everything was going to turn out perfect as the day went on. During the Ceremony: I’m not going to lie, it was really hot. I thought it was great how our pastor incorporated Lord of the Rings into his welcome message! Right before “I do”: Excited to take the next step forward both figuratively in our relationship – and for dinner!

Erin: Getting Ready: I had the best ladies with me, both in our wedding party and our beauty team! The whole getting ready process felt exactly like it looks in the movies – being with your favourite people, feeling awesome, laughing, listening to throwback music. During the Ceremony: A little anxious! It was kind of scary to be in front of so many people for so long, but anytime I felt a little scared, I made a funny face at Jeff and he gave me his “you’re a dork” face and I felt way better. Right before “I do”: Excited that this thing was really happening! We had spent most of the afternoon together doing our photos with the bridal party, but getting ready to say those words made it feel so real.

What was your wedding inspiration?
E & J: Really just looking at our relationship and who we were – rustic chic wasn’t our thing, so we needed something different! We brainstormed the things that make us most happy and we landed on Disneyland! When we found that was just too broad of an idea – we narrowed it down to our favourite parts of Disney – Beauty and the Beast & Star Wars. We wanted the whole wedding to feel just like we do when we go to Disneyland and it just kind of came to life!

What song did you walk down the aisle to?
Erin – Tale as Old as Time, Jeff – Concerning Hobbits

What song played during your first dance?
Once Upon a Dream – Peter & Evynne Hollens

How did you feel at the end of the day?
Jeff: Sad that it was over, happy that it happened! (Erin’s aside: so cliche, Jeffery!)
Erin: TIRED. But also so so so pleased that it went well.

What advice would you give to future couples for their wedding?
Jeff: Maaaaybe consider a destination wedding – it isn’t so expensive! But, it was amazing to have so many people we loved there and you wouldn’t get that with a destination wedding.
Erin: If someone tells you that you can’t possibly make two themes work together, tell them to just watch you! Seriously, skip the perfect Pinterest wedding and make it about you.

What did you like most about working with us on your wedding day?
Jeff: Kaela & Elijah were a lot of fun! They got along so well with everyone in our wedding party and did incredible work.
Erin: Everyone felt so comfortable the whole day with Kaela & Elijah. They were good at being directive to get the right photo, but also skilled at catching candid moments that brought the day to life.



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Erin & Jeff’s Creative Team: 
Wedding Coordinator/ Planner: Kari Bedford Emerson & Co. 
Videographer: Bryan Macdonald Films
Florist: Antheia Floral
Cake Artist: Cake, Batter n’ Roll (Best bakery name ever?)
Band / DJ: Pez Productions
Makeup Artist: Nicole Saxton
Hair Stylist: Anne-Marie Rooney @lvl7salon
Officiant: Family Member
Catering: Sirocco Golf Club
Event Rentals: Chair Flair
Bride’s Dress: Durand Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Bridal Centre
Stationary: Lovesky Design
Rings: Michael Hill 
Erin’s Epic Shoes: Mad Candies on Etsy

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