Tamika & Kane – Engaged!

Downtown by the riverside Engagement Session 

Summers are amazing for engagement sessions and this one took way too long for me to post considering how wonderful and easy it was to work with Tamika and Kane. I didn’t have to do much coaching with them, they just were glowing with love, always touching each other, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It was a perfect setting in one of Calgary’s more modern parks (I like to think anyway) at St. Patrick’s Island just kitty-corner to East Village. It’s a great spot for a walk with your dog and then stop and get a bite or a coffee from Rosso! Not to mention the park’s iconic bridge. 

Getting to be by water was important to them, there is something so beautiful about relating a river to a relationship. You can’t step in the same river twice, every moment in a relationship is always changing, always flowing. 

We asked Tamika and Kane to tell us a little bit about themselves and how they met

  • Tell us where and when you first met (from each of your point of views)
    We met on an app called whisper in July 2014.
  • Tell us about your first date. Where? When? What did you feel?
    our first date was at the cineplex at chinook mall, where we saw the conjuring!
  • When did you know your fiance was the one? Details please!
    Kane – after I started to realize that she was the smartest woman I’ve met and she helps me see things from a new perspective all the time. She puts up with my childish antics and I love her for that Tamika – when I started to see how kind and supportive he is i knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him!
  • When did you get engaged?
    Jul 1, 2016
  • Tell us about the proposal (from your own point of view) Details please! (we’re sappy for this stuff)
    Kane – We planned to go to nose hill to take some pictures for a long time. Finally the date arrived, it was a nice sunny day and we hiked up the hill to a nice secluded spot we had picked out months before. We dressed up, brought the camera, and the GoPro. I set up the camera on the tripod (and while tamika was playing with sticks, set up the GoPro in a secret hidden spot) then I had tamika go pose in front of the camera for me so I could frame up the shot. Weeks before, I had taken some pictures of myself holding up some signs I made, they said “Ducky (my name for her), will you marry me?” These pictures were on the memory card in camera. I wanted her to scroll through them on her own when I asked her to come look at the photo I just took. That didn’t happen. I said “come here and see if these are good shots” she hopped over and looked at the picture. As I struggled to get the ring out of my pocket she she hopped back in front of the camera so I could take some more shots. Fail. I left the ring in my pocket and tried again. Another failure. The the third time I finally told her I took a few photos and she should scroll through them, so she did. I nervously stepped behind her, took the ring out of my pocket and got down on one knee. When she saw the photos of me holding the signs she gasped and turned around. She saw her very special ring made just for her and her very special man forever presenting it to her. She said yes! And I captured it all on the GoPro!
  • What do you do together for fun? Watch sports? Drink coffee? Play games? Cook? Movies? Workout? etc…
    We go on cinematic adventures, we love to play games, and we like going out to Canmore for walks and adventures.
  • What is your favourite kind of wine?
    Any sweet wines!
  • What are your favourite snack foods?
    Cookies and popcorn!
  • If you were to have a “ME” day, what 3 things would you do for yourself?
    Tamika would read a book, get her nails done, and nap. Kane would play music, do some 3d modelling or animation, and play some video games.
  • What 3 qualities best describe your fiance?
    Kane is generous, supportive, and ambitious. Tamika is very supportive, intelligent, and selfless.
  • Tell us about your personal style. Are you modern, vintage, romantic, trendy, athletic, etc…
    Tamika – is trendy! Kane is an unknown snowflake
  • What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?
    Besides marrying my best friend, having family and friends come together to celebrate with us
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