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Hey there! Thanks for coming to check us out! We’re ready to get to know you and tell your story so we thought we should share our story too!

We met just a few short years ago (sometimes it feels like forever – In a good way!) We actually met on a photo set that I (Kaela) had put together because Elijah was looking to learn more about portraiture for his graphic design and website company. This still feels like yesterday to me when he walked in the door and hugged me right away! There was an instant connection and we started dating the next week!

When we were celebrating our 3rd month anniversary Elijah headed off to Jakarta to be in his friends wedding! He called me a week before the wedding and said I had to meet him in Bali where they were all planning to go. I said “Heck yeah!” fully knowing I didn’t have my passport (and a few other key things) By the grace of the universe everything came together and I was in Bali, Indonesia just a few days later! We were so excited to see each other. Elijah will blame it on the punch at the hotel but he proposed to me right then and there in our hotel room. I knew we were meant to be so I said YES!

When we got back home it was like a snowball gaining speed and size down the side of a mountain. We decided to merge our companies into K&E Imaging. It wasn’t long before we made photography our full time career. K&E Imaging has been our focus with a couple other adventures tied into there. (Voice acting, singing, programming, drawing, designing… I could go on)

We got married August 22nd, 2015 with our family and friends all around us. It was an absolutely spectacular day with laughter, tears, excitement, and at the end of the day we knew it was one of the best days of our lives.

We can’t wait to share your day with you!

Kaela Joelle

I was born and raised here in Calgary, Alberta, by my wonderful parents who have always been so supportive when it comes to finding my art and my passion. I started loving drawing and painting from very young. I always thought there was something different about taking photos of family and friends than trying to recreate it from memory. It was a way for me to remember conversations and special moments. I took my first camera (A Nikon D40) on a trip with The Youth Singers of Calgary to Europe. I have so many silly photos and memories that I can cherish forever in an artful way.
I briefly studied at Alberta College of Art and Design where I primarily focused on photography and graphic design. I am mostly a self taught photographer but I learned all the techy things from working at Camera Stores around Calgary. I guess you could say I’m an artist first, geek second haha! I love learning, I am constantly watching things on Creative Live,, and working along side some of the industry’s top photographers and industry professionals.

Some other little things about me: I absolutely adore my husband (que awwwws!) He is my rock, my friend, my business partner, and I can’t imagine K&E Imaging without him. I guess at that point it would just be K Imaging… Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. He is the reason I keep trucking forward and going outside my comfort zone. I also love our dog Toffee, he has a permanent smile on his face, I can guarantee you’ll see plenty of photos of him if you follow us on instagram.

Music I’m into: Anything 1940’s big band all the way to 1950’s rock n’ roll. I’ll throw in some current pop now and again so I can bust a move at any party.

My Art Heros: I am constantly inspired by some of my close friends. Amaira Hansen is an amazing artist in Calgary who I am so lucky to call my friend! I am also a big big fan of Kate Spade!

Hobbies: Photography is still my hobby but I am hoping to start sewing again and making my own clothes. I also love video games and binge watching shows on Netflix.

Player 2: Elijah

Calgarian born and raised, and I don’t think I could ever leave… though in the winter time, my “mexico plan” gets ever more solidified (not a cold weather lover). I love to experience new things as often as possible and I challenge myself to do something that scares me anytime the opportunity presents itself. I can be described as a ‘serial learner’. If there is something I dont’t know, I will most likely google it or ask a friend that knows the answer. This is actually how I became involved with wedding photography (as well as my awesome wife, too!). I had asked Kaela to teach me portrait photography, and we instantly clicked. My shooting style is mostly candid in nature, I love to capture people in their most raw, real moments, though, thanks to Kaela I have learned a lot about posing people and communicating how to get the best picture from an implied candid portrait session.

Some other little things about me: I am very blessed to be able to shoot weddings with my wife, Kaela. The way we are able to communicate our ideas without words has always been kind of mind-blowing to me. I love that we share a bond like this, and that we both love to shoot long wedding days together.

Music I’m into: I am a huge fan of anything that’s a bit funky and electronic, though I also like the early 1940s big band music. I have a huge respect for those musicians that had only 1 take to get their performance recorded. I also like to write the odd song, and attend open mics.

My Art Heros: I have always loved artists that live loud. Most of my inspirations are musical, but I have always believed that creativity extends past the borders of genre or medium. David Bowie, Dean Martin, Lady Gaga are a few that I put in the loud living category.

Hobbies: I am a recovering Jack-of-all-trades type. I’m always striving to focus on one thing at a time, but can’t help but tinker in various things. Electronics, Programming, Music Production, Macro and Time-Lapse photography, and Video Games are all things I love to do.

Things About Which Are Frequently Inquired

Best way to get in touch with us is through the contact forms on our website or email! The more information you include the better! We’d love to get to know you the best we can. We will respond by email or phone whichever you prefer.
Consultations are completely free and are a great way for us to get to know you better, go through the packages, we can give our recommendation for how many hours of coverage you may need, and you can get to know us as well!
You can also book and sign the contract right then and there!
We highly recommend going with a full day package. You have put so much thought into every moment of your wedding day. Why not capture it all! Our basic full day package starts at $3500 with plenty of add ons.
That’s great! Just contact us with the details of your elopement and we will customize a package just for you!
We just require a 50% non refundable deposit when you sign the contract. The balance is due 1-2 weeks before the wedding date.
We have had couples book us over 12 months in advance and sometimes as little as a week before the wedding date!
Please note, we may not be available for your date if you wait too long!!
YES! When you hire K&E Imaging you will always get us!
We are based in Calgary, Alberta born and raised!
Yes! We love to travel and generally love to come a day before the event to help ensure any unexpected travel delays do not make us late or miss your big day. Please email us with the details of your wedding and we’ll figure out the best way to get to you!
This is mostly up to you, we have couples that schedule time before the ceremony to do a first look, then the formal session, and then we head to the ceremony and right into the reception. Shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on, and more importantly, you and the wedding party get a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and softer light. So many options!!
These are some of our favourite photographs. The energy and excitement of everyone moving around is there, But, this is also a time for quiet reflection for our bride and grooms. Going through your vows, quiet moments with mom and dad, family and friends.
We like to send a sneak peek within the first 2 weeks after your session. We go through a careful process of choosing the best images from your whole session, colour correcting, adjusting, etc…

Portrait sessions can expect photos back within 3-6 weeks
Weddings are within 8-12 weeks.

Yes! We offer custom designed albums of every shape and size.
Magazines, soft cover, hard cover, layflat, leather, linen, etc..
We do this together! We will send you our recommendations but ultimately its your album. We will have a meeting and discuss the images and placement. We both have a background in graphic design and can help with the layouts!
We hope you will allow us! We love sharing the images on our social media platforms and our website. This also helps other couples and people find us and choose us for their next event or session.