Alana & Jeff’s “Backyard” Calgary Wedding

Phew! Its about time that I blogged here! 2016 was a whirlwind for us with so many fantastic couples and you’re about to see one of my favourites! We met Alana at one of our 2015 weddings she was the bridesmaid for Brie at their Fish Creek Park wedding in September. You may have seen their super adorable engagement session posted on Calgary Bride’s blog or if you were one of the lucky ones to attend the gift opening they got an amazing painting of one of our images! 

Anyways I’m getting ahead of myself! Back to the day of the wedding! It was absolutely stunning that day, the sun poked out after it had been raining the whole week and warning for rain in Calgary too! The moment I walked into the girls place they were all completely ready just sitting on the couch, they were fast to get ready! it just means more time for giggling and champagne! It was an emotional morning as old friends helped new friends get ready. My absolute favourite part of the morning was watching Alana get into her wedding dress, or I should say her mothers wedding dress. Alana wore her mothers original dress from her wedding over 30 years ago. How incredibly romantic is that!! It fit her like a glove and she looked absolutely stunning. I’m definitely emotional and when the girls starting tearing up so did I!! It was so beautiful watching everyone hug and cry and kiss <3 

The day quickly continued to the first look. IF you’re considering doing a first look, definitely go through here and feel the intimacy from these two as they see eachother for the first time in their wedding attire. Jeff is absolutely full of emotions and it was great to watch him watch Alana walk towards him and you could feel the excitement coming off the two of them. Again, I was crying behind the lens while capturing these moments. 

Their reception was absolutely stunning. They wanted to have a nighttime backyard wedding feel with lanterns and lights going across the room. They sure pulled it off! The whole room was decorated with photos and memories of Alana & Jeff’s life together so far as well as artwork by Jeff. The ceremony was amazing and brought many a tear to everyone. Once the kiss of man and wife happened everyone toasted with a glass of champagne! 

Going through these photos again really excites me for more 2017 weddings! We still have dates available! 

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Family Portraits

Mikayla’s Christmas Session!

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Christmas Home Sessions <3

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the time for Christmas sessions! We are so blessed to be invited in on the Waites’ family tradition of photographing Mikayla next to their Christmas tree in their home! This family has been so wonderful to us over the last year and meeting them has truly been a treat. Watching Mikayla grow has given me a bit of the baby fever and I can’t wait to start our own family traditions! Anywho, the session was so great, we were a little shy at first, not quite sure what was happening but as soon as she had something to do like play with her stuffed animals, reading a book, getting tickled by Dad, all was right in the world. 

She has SO much personality and love, love, loves to play. I can’t wait for her next birthday and to continue to watch her grow up into a beautiful and smart young lady! 

Thank you guys for inviting us in and letting us capture your Christmas traditions. 


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Marnie & Frank’s Wedding Celebration!

Marnie & Frank’s On Stage Wedding

Marnie & Frank’s wedding is most definitely our most memorable wedding of 2016. Calgary weather of course decided to be against us and was calling for 30-40mm of rain… Luckily they had a perfectly planned wedding inside of the Martha Cohen Theater part of Theater Projects in the heart of Downtown Calgary. If there’s one thing we absolutely know about Marnie & Frank is that they don’t let anything get them down. You can ask anyone who knows them is that they are always smiling, always willing to give a helping hand and will make you smile through whatever you are going through. They are the kindest people we know and are now very, very lucky to also call them friends!

The wedding day itself was filled with big smiles, happy tears, champagne, and I believe there was rum in the boy’s flasks? Their first look happened at the foot of the iconic staircase in the Fairmont Palliser Hotel lobby. Marnie gracefully met up with Frank and there was nothing but ear to ear smiling from both of them then promptly showing off attire like Marnie’s beautiful gown and Frank’s rubber duckie socks.

We continued to doing the formal part of the photography day and man, this is one gorgeous looking group. There is not a bad photo of any of them. They killed it when we asked for a Vanity Faire look. The boys were so incredibly debonair while the girls gave all the sass they had! I loved every moment of their formal session! These folks make our job look so easy.

When it came time to head towards the ceremony we took an adventure through the +15 walkways to Alberta Theater Projects where we had a chance to view the ceremony space for the first time all beautiful decorated with the Chuppah custom designed for the Bride and Groom. It almost had us in tears. We were so thrilled that this would be the space that Marnie and Frank would continue their lives as Husband and Wife.

After the I Do’s had been said, the glass broken, and the recessional it was time to PARTY!!!! We all headed back to the Fairmont Palliser in their ballroom to get some grub, a lot of wonderful heartfelt speeches, and so many wonderful family blessings. It was time for the Hurrah. We have honestly never experience such a wildly awesome tradition and with so many people. It was a fantastic mess of people who knew what was going on and other people who were experiencing it for the first time. I’m a bit of a safety freak and being thrown up in chairs had me gripping the camera harder than usual hoping one of them wouldn’t go flying out of it. Turns out everyone had a good handle on those chairs haha!

Once the room was nice and warm the Mocking Shadows came on and totally blew my mind. The quality and energy of this band is absolutely amazing and I would strongly recommend them to anyone!!

We had such an amazing time celebrating and capturing Marnie & Franks wedding day and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.


Engagement Portraits

Stephanie & Mike’s Engagement Session

A Rocky Mountain Engagement Session

I know I take for granted that something so amazing an beautiful is just in our backyard. This engagement session definitely reminded me how I need to get out more! Stephanie & Mike only requested 2 things for their engagement session. One was water. Two, was mountains. Well how perfect is Canmore for just that!

We started out our session with my favourite part of the day. Dinner at The Grizzly Paw Brewing Co. where I think we spent most of our time together. Something I absolutely love about these two is how incredibly authentic they are, we sat talking and laughing for close to an hour and a half missing the sun before it hid behind the mountains… Oh well! We obviously still got some incredible images. We are so lucky to know these two and beyond happy that they chose us to photograph their engagement and their soon Wedding.

Love you both! <3


Engagement Portraits

Chris & Cassie Engagement Session

Rainy Calgary Engagement Session

Summer in Calgary usually means rain, and this week there hasn’t been a shortage of that! Reminds me of when we went out to photograph Chris & Cassie’s engagement session in Edworthy Park. It was beautiful and sunny until we had to start then BLAM! Rain started pouring down, but thankfully that didn’t stop them, they were fully willing to walk around in the rain (with umbrellas of course).

We are so excited to see them say “I Do” This weekend!


Portraits Weddings

Lisa & James Wedding On Ice!

Taking “On Ice” To A New Level

If you live in Calgary, you know that hockey is an incredibly precious game for most people. In 2004 our city became friends, brothers, and sisters, when the Calgary Flames made it to the final round of the NHL Playoffs. You couldn’t walk down the “Red Mile” without getting a hoot and a holler GO FLAMES! or even a giant hug from the guy next to you when the Flames scored a goal.

Hockey brings people together and its a beautiful thing. This is also true for newlyweds Lisa & James. They were married at center ice in the Winsport arena at COP. On Skates. Yes, when you ask what brand of shoe the bride wore on her wedding day you can put down “Easton.” They created a center isle right on the red line, the bride, holding hands with her mom and dad skated down to meet her soon to be husband. There wasn’t a dry eye during the ceremony lead by one of our favorite officiants Rork Hilford. Once they made it clear that they would still love each other even if the other was a better hockey player and my favorite part “You  may now kiss the bride!” They did something truly unique. A victory lap as husband and wife! What a better way to ring in a new chapter in life! (Makes me wish we could have done that.)

But not only did the couple get a chance to go skating, the rink was open to everyone for a free skate with the bride and groom. Receiving line shmeiving line! Just skate up to them and congratulate the newlyweds!

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Lisa and James invited us into their lives for their wedding day. We are excited to share a little sneak peek with you



Engagement Portraits

Lisa + James Engagement Session

Lisa + James Winter Engagement Session

When you meet Lisa and James, not only will they strike you with their insane good looks, crystal blue eyes, and beautiful blonde hair, but they are the kindest people we have met until you ask James to have a snowball fight… We had so much fun during their Engagement session in Bowness Park, we met their beautiful pup who also happens to be blonde and blue eyed. It was a real treat to meet them all for the first time. We ran around and played, wanted to go skating but because they met on skates, proposed on skates, and will get married on skates, we opted for a snowball fight and wondering around the outskirts of Calgary instead.

One thing we love about our couples and our engagement sessions is we start with a general plan but we always find beautiful places to stop, interesting things seem to follow us around. Our session with Lisa + James was no different. We are so glad they trusted us. As we were driving to our second location Elijah spotted some really awesome fog happening just by a little bridge. We quickly ran over there and got some really neat shots with the fog and a beautiful sunset. How lucky are we!? Photography is definitely 25% planning and 75% luck.

Our last little part of the session we have to thank Orange Trunk Vintage Rentals for the awesome vintage sled. We also wanted to create a cozy winter photo. They made me feel warm and go “awww”we hope you will too 😉


Downtown Calgary Family Session

Fun & Fashionable Downtown Family Session

We have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with so many great people and this family is no different! I have known them throughout the years of being in the Youth Singers of Calgary and it always makes me so happy to photograph anyone in that group!

They have such a beautiful home in downtown Calgary that we just had to start there for their session. Hair and Makeup was done by the wonderful Emilia Art Makeup.


SHE SAID YES! A Banff Proposal!

On A Mountain Top. Could it get any better?

Here is some AWWWW! worthy material for your day! We were so excited when Dean asked us to be there to capture this intimate moment for Shannon. They had just finished Tubing up at Mount Norquay when Dean decided to make a little stop at this look out  where he had it all planned out! He told us to be there by the red chairs and that’s where he would pop the question. He handed her a note and before she knew it (or us) he was down on one knee with the most beautiful backdrop you can imagine. And of course… SHE SAID YES!

On the drive back into the city I definitely had tears in my eyes. Being able to be there for someone else to capture this moment really means a lot.

So. Men. (or ladies if you want to do some hinting…) Proposing is a moment she won’t ever forget, why not ask us to be there to photograph that moment!


Leave a comment with your proposal or your favourite proposal spot!

Boudoir Engagement Family Portraits Weddings

2015 K&E Year In Review

Goodbye 2015…

HOLY SMOKES! Is it really end of the year already? I think I blinked or something. It all seems like a dream, a very busy, love filled, crazy awesome, dream. The last year has been such an inspiration to us. We have really found who we are as a team and continually have to thank the people who got us here. I am so proud of where K&E Imaging has gone and where we’re about to go. We wanted to share bits and pieces of our life from the last year and some of the highlights we can’t seem to stop talking about.

Along with all the little sessions we did, there were some AMAZING weddings we were so lucky to capture this year. Adam + Jessie, Hadija + Blaine, Cassie + Matt, Brie + Dave, and Selena + Sean. Thank you to all our amazing couples who invited us into their lives and were so welcoming. We feel like family and we are so happy for all of you!

This year felt like a very busy one, not only were our wedding clients getting bigger and better weddings, but we also wanted to say I Do! So… We did!

We Got Married!!

We said “I Do” on August 22nd with all of our family and friends. Thanks to our amazing team of people and vendors who made our dreams come to life. Just to name a few : Blue Devil Golf Course, Dana Cole Photography, Dee Vine Petals, Love Sky Designs, Durand Bridal, Bonnie Inglis, The Bridal Centre, Peoples Jewelry, and of course our bridal party and our parents and grandparents for being our financial support and emotional support through this journey. One of the questions everyone asks us is “how is married life?” and to be honest? Nothing has changed! We’re still the crazy couple that does almost everything together with our pup Toffee and we’re full steam ahead to enjoying our lives together.
There’s only a couple things I would change about our wedding day is to make it longer… Jeesh, they aren’t kidding when they say it flies by. To hire a videographer to capture our awesome slideshow musical number. And I’d hug everyone a little tighter and a little longer.

monstermashup-195 monstermashup-321 monstermashup-385

Photography by Dana Cole Photography

We’ve Been Published!

Oh yeah! Just a few weeks ago we headed out to the launch of Luxe by Calgary Bride at Hotel Arts. It was an amazing night for our industry. So many amazing photo shoots came together to make this magazine what it is. If you haven’t gotten your copy be sure to head out to any location that sells Magazines 🙂
Our shoot in particular was really quite interesting. Dana Heald from Dee Vine Petals talked with us about doing a Frozen Flower wedding inspiration shoot. We wanted to make things look cold and icy in a location that was warm and summery… We chose the conservatory inside the Calgary Zoo… Definitely warm and summer in there. We had the ice centerpiece up there for a couple hours and it had soaked through the table cloths!! Brides probably not the best idea for your hot summer wedding… haha! Everything else smoothly fell into place with Boutiq Weddings & Events at our sides. She perfectly laid out the table setting and truly truly made it beautiful. To top everything off we had stunning stationary from our good friend Kelly at Love Sky Design (If you’re planning an event and need escort cards, menus, invitations, and anything else you can think of you NEED to see this girl)
Anywho! Go get your copy! RIGHT NOW! or after you’re done reading this blog post.


What Else Happened?

I honestly didn’t expect to write this much in this blog post… If you’ve gotten this far good for you! and you deserve a cookie.
Other than all our amazing sessions, weddings, etc… We had some fun of our own. I did the whole bridal shower thing in my moms backyard, we had a stag and doe for our bachelor and bachelorette party (we’re not really party people) we hit over 100,000 K on my car, did some voice acting for video games, attended an awesome wedding summit, and made so many more new friends. We also shipped of to Mexico for a mini honey moon (our 2nd honeymoon is in April so I pre-apologize for the inconvenience anyone…) Los Cabos Mexico was incredible. It was blistering hot, the hotel was practically empty, we’ve never done an all inclusive before, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much in my life…

Other than that I will leave these photos to tell more of the stories 🙂 I hope you enjoy