#OOTD Outfit of the day July 22nd

Outfit Of The Day July 22nd / Tornado Day in YYC

Well to say the least today was no ordinary day. Not only is it one month till our own wedding but we were scouting out some places for our couple this weekend AND getting some shots of todays outfit. While we were out though my phone beeped and told me there was a tornado warning for south Calgary… lucky (or unlucky) we were standing right in Glenmore Park watching it try to touch down just a few kilometers away.

Top: Found at Value Village
Skirt/Bottoms: Blame Betty & Crinoline


LOTD – July 9th – St. Mary’s Stampede Breakfast

Kaela’s Look Of The Day – July 9th at the St. Mary’s Stampede Breakfast

Yesterday I headed out on a little shopping adventure not really looking for anything specific and I stumbled upon this perfect flowy, polkadotted, amazing skirt! This was the perfect ensemble for a breakfast just by our house. I had never actually been to the St. Mary’s campus and there were some goody spots to shoot in too!

Skirt: Winners
Jean top: Stumbled on it at a clothing swap

Mainly everything I’m wearing I’ve found at a thrifty place or have just held onto classic pieces through the years. I have a bunch of goodies in my closets ^_^ I hope to share more of my looks in the future



A K&E Bridal Shower – Vintage Garden Tea Party

Planning a wedding can be so stressful but so rewarding when the events finally come around! This was the case for my own bridal shower just a couple of weeks ago. My family and friends pulled together to create an absolutely wonderful atmosphere for a garden party in my parents backyard here in Calgary. I had a hand in some of the planning but it was all pulled together by my Mom, Aunts, and of course my incredibly wonderful Bridesmaids.

The theme was a Vintage Garden Tea Party, and so we made finger sandwiches, snacks, dips, drinks (the red wine sangria was first to go!) and of course the party was completed with big hats and bigger dresses! I was blown away by everyone’s outfits and the time and effort it took to come up with some of the creative pieces they made 🙂

When everyone was finally settled my MOH put together some wonderful games to play. A week before she had sent Elijah and I questions to answer and made sure that we didn’t peek at each others answers. Later guests were invited up to place toothpicks with either a bride or a groom on them to guess who said what or who does what! It was so funny to see some of the answers and which ones were absolutely in my favor or in his. We also played a game called whats in your purse. This one was wild, you gained points for anything currently in your purse that matched the sheet and oh my goodness, my aunt won with 155 points… The big ticket items that won you a lot of points were Feathers, a weapon, or a laptop… She had the weapon! It was incredibly funny! Everyone was trying to guess which one it was, and thankfully it was just a swiss army knife 😛 We all had a good giggle! And last but not least it was time for the toilet paper bride game! We split off into 5 teams and had to create a wedding dress, veil, and bouquet in 5 minutes…. boy… did people ever rush around to do this! There was amazing creativity, and I’ll have to admit my team had a bit of an edge because they chose me for their model 😛 So of course we won… but the other gowns were amazing haha, I especially liked how a couple of them couldn’t walk in their gowns hahaha!

After we wrapped up on the hot day I couldn’t have been more thankful for all the amazing women that came to the shower. I left with tears thinking of how special I feel that not only am I marrying the man of my dreams, my best friend, my business partner, and soulmate, but I have an amazing support system of friends and family who came out to celebrate this once in a life time kind of thing. I can not wait to share our big day with them <3



Some words of advice I can give to anyone planning their bridal shower is to remember to take a few minutes and soak everything in! Remind yourself that you’re being taken care of, there is plenty of time to see and talk to everyone so EAT, DRINK, LAUGH, and most of all just remember all this is for you and you are incredibly special on this day! Oh I also suggest hiring someone to take photos for you! I’m currently making my photos into an album I can put with all of our wedding stuff later ^_^ I’ll be making a blog post when that arrives too!




Here’s a peek into some details of the shower 🙂


Catering / Food making done with love from my Mom – Lorie, Aunt Merina & Willie
Flower arrangements by my Aunt Charlene
Decorations set up by my bridesmaids Anissa and Amaira ( I apologize for those crazy pom poms!)
Games arranged by my Maid of honor Andrea
Photos taken by Amaira – thanks for being such a trooper and capturing the moments and making sure the camera was out of my hands most of the time 😉
Cupcakes from : Cake Bake Shoppe
My dress by Bonnie Inglis
Belt from Eileen Treacy Couture


Engagement Portraits

Adam + Jessie Calgary Engagement Session

Meet Adam + Jessie!

These two are absolute troopers! We met up with them to start their engagement session in the late afternoon and wanted to shoot until sunset. What we didn’t realize when we first scheduled the session it was on the longest day of the year! But that seemed to be no problem for these two, they started with a bang down on Steven Ave showing us nothing short of true, passionate love. These two Calgarians who moved over to Vancouver for schooling came back to do their shoot with us in city where they first fell in love.

There are so many wonderful things that we learned about these two as we continued shooting through to the evening and even stopped in for a bit to eat at (restaurant) where we also discovered Jessie is much, much stronger than Kaela… (PS wedding guests don’t challenge Jessie to an arm wrestle… she is sweet and innocent on the outside but boy…) Here’s some fun details we now know about these two.
First date: Shakespeare in the Park – Mid Summer Nights Dream
Jessie absolutely rocks the white dress
They make a lot of “Friends” references
Worst Date: Indian food on 8th ave – we tried to look it up later… they closed down. And for good reason according to these two
Dedicated to seeing the world. – Our favourite story that they shared was going to the Sistine Chapel 3 times… First time Jessie forgot her glasses… Second time it was a free day and the lineup was miles long… Third time is the charm though. “Phenomenal”
Not a fan of spices – even though we went for mexican food for dinner…

We just can’t wait to spend their special day photographing more of these two. Their light shines so bright and there’s no doubt in our minds their wedding day will be absolutely stunning.


Family Portraits

Baby Corben & Family Session

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This shoot was absolutely special for us, I met Jessica back when I worked out at the Chateau Lake Louise in the Lakeview Lounge together. We were both hosts and porters, and so our little friendship began! I was so delighted to hear from her that she just had a baby and wanted some family photos done with her wonderful family. We were more than happy to set something up and we went up to Riley Park to do the session!

The sun was absolutely beautiful, covered with large trees and flowers. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate them!

Check out the photos below and call us if you’re looking to set up a family session with us


See more family sessions here! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Family Portraits

A Very Colourful Family Photo shoot

Why not change up our Family Photo Shoot?

Meet the fabulous family that said no to a normal family photo shoot and embraced the wild and crazy mess that family can sometimes be!

POW! SPLAT! were common sounds at this crazy fun family photo shoot! They took sibling rivalry to a new level and made it so much fun! Meet the wonderful sisters that live a distance from each other but made so much effort to come together and do something special together. The thought of this shoot warmed my heart and I was so incredibly excited to meet them!

Unfortunately I fell ill the morning of the shoot 🙁 BUT this is why K&E is such a great team, Elijah took the reins and ROCKED this shoot. I am so incredibly proud of my partner in crime for doing his very first (on his own) family photo shoot! Thanks to the family for being so understanding and so willing to be wild and crazy.

Have a look through their family photo shoot <3

Call us today to book your family photo shoot 🙂

Check out some past family sessions here


Okotoks Erratic – Big Rock Alberta

K&E Adventuring

After a full week of being sick, we decided to take a little break and get into nature a little bit. Elijah and I have both lived in Calgary our entire lives but have never been to the Okotoks “Big Rock” and no kidding… its huge. We looked into the history of this big rock and its apparently from Jasper… Jasper! We drove there last year and thats one long drive, so how a piece of the mountain made it all the way here is absolutely amazing.

For more history check it here! The Blackfoot story for how the rock split in half is probably my favourite though.

One hot summer day, Napi, the supernatural trickster of the Blackfoot peoples, rested on the rock because the day was warm and he was tired. He spread his robe on the rock, telling the rock to keep the robe in return for letting Napi rest there. Suddenly, the weather changed and Napi became cold as the wind whistled and the rain fell. Napi asked the rock to return his robe, but the rock refused. Napi got mad and just took the clothing. As he strolled away, he heard a loud noise and turning, he saw the rock was rolling after him. Napi ran for his life. The deer, the bison and the pronghorn were Napi’s friends, and they tried to stop the rock by running in front of it. The rock rolled over them. Napi’s last chance was to call on the bats for help. Fortunately, they did better than their hoofed neighbours, and by diving at the rock and colliding with it, one of them finally hit the rock just right and it broke into two pieces.

Have a look through our little adventure, plus meet our new friends Jeff & Beth! They are pretty awesome. Both of them live in Okotoks and were just hanging out and took us up the rock (Sorry Okotoks) We had a blast getting to know them, Jeff is a bull rider who competes locally and will be in the Cowboys for a Cure in Cochrane end of May! You can bet we’ll be there cheering him on! and Beth is just an all around sweetheart! Shes gorgeous and has a great down to earth personality.

If either of you find this please contact us!!! We are sad we didn’t trade information on Friday!



# Glamour selfie Contest Winner Callie

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you might remember us blasting everyone with our #GlamourSelfie contest to win a free full glamour shoot with us! It was a really close race between three of the contestants but Callie pulled through with 131 likes in the last day! Incredible!

After the Christmas rush was over, we had the chance to sit down and chat about this upcoming shoot together. I was really feeling inspired by Dita Von Tese and the amazing glamour work she does, I decided I wanted to go that direction with Callie with a vintage glam look. This look was completed by the amazing Emilia Art Makeup and Eileen Treacy Couture to acquire one of her amazing handmade derby hats to add some amazing flare the look. Callie ROCKED this shoot. I had the hardest time not squeeling after every photo. (Now that I think about it, I don’t think I contained myself very well.)

Sitting down and editing these images was an absolute joy, I worked with some new lenses in the studio that I didn’t think would work, used some new tools to amp up the look a touch more, and tried out a more artistic flare to some of the images. It was really inspiring to use new techniques and bring our photography into a more modern look but still with that vintage flare. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this year and all the new things it is bringing! We have many exciting things to share with you and you’ll be seeing a lot more of us!

Stay connected with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have any questions, would like to book yourself a glamour session, boudoir session, family session, or are still looking for that photography team for your 2015 wedding please send us an email and we would love to sit down and chat with you about any photography needs!

Also… Bring on Summer!!!


From Callie

I got to be a part of one of K&E Imaging’s glamour photo shoots and it was a fantastic experience. The people at K&E were so kind, energetic, extremely talented, and I could tell that they were genuinely excited about the project, which made the photo shoot fun and comfortable. My main concern going into it was my awkwardness and total lack of experience with glamour/modeling, but Kaela was so confident, positive, and prepared that I quickly forgot my initial nervousness. She took my original inspiration and expanded upon it in surprising and artistic ways that turned out some fabulous photos if I do say so myself! Although I got the princess treatment, multiple outfit changes, and some dramatic lighting, I think the best thing about working with K&E Imaging is that we spent the entire shoot laughing and getting excited about every new idea that came up. I had a blast at my glamour photo shoot with K&E Imaging, and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Boudoir Pin Up Portraits

Calgary Pin Up Photography {Cassie}

Calgary Pin-Up Photography by K&E Imaging

I don’t know what it is about going through old Calgary pin up photographs but it makes me smile so much and get so excited for new pin-up sessions coming up this month! This session with Cassie was an absolute blast! We wanted to do some beach themed pin up photos as summer was approaching. We had the luxury of working with Cheryra from Chey Creations  and really set the mood for the whole session.

Doing a Calgary pin up session is so different from any other shoot you’ll ever do. It brings out that devious woman who is fabulous and she knows it, she flaunts her stuff, and gives a little tease to the man she has her eye on. The ways she tries to get his attention are cute yet oh so sexy, thats what we try and show during any pin up session. You might be inclined to use these techniques on your special someone after we’re done 🙂

If you have been considering doing a pin-up session this is your time! It is our goal to have you leave our studio with a big smile on your face and feeling like a superstar! If you have any questions feel free to call or email me (Kaela) any time

Boudoir Portraits

Why Glamour & Boudoir

These are questions that people ask me all the time. Out of all the areas of photography I could be obsessed with, why would I choose this particular one?

Well my friends, the answer is easy. I love women. Not in the “Lets get married” way, but I appreciate every feeling, every body movement, the way we laugh, cry, sing, dance, we are so different from men and it should be celebrated! We have curves! GIRLS! CURVES! It’s awesome! We are one with nature, the lines our bodies create, we are nature. I could go on and on about why I love the female form, why I love every woman that walks into my studio. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! You make my job easy! And I want to show you how beautiful you are, how everyone on the outside sees you, no matter how you  might be feeling about your body, how you think you should look; that all gets left at the door.

There are only 2 things I need you to bring when you walk through my door:

A smile & pure curiosity.

Lets learn how to love ourselves the way we’re supposed to be loved and get some great photos while we’re doing it.

This is why I got into photography. This is the lesson I have been learning. I want to learn & teach with you.