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2015 K&E Year In Review

Goodbye 2015…

HOLY SMOKES! Is it really end of the year already? I think I blinked or something. It all seems like a dream, a very busy, love filled, crazy awesome, dream. The last year has been such an inspiration to us. We have really found who we are as a team and continually have to thank the people who got us here. I am so proud of where K&E Imaging has gone and where we’re about to go. We wanted to share bits and pieces of our life from the last year and some of the highlights we can’t seem to stop talking about.

Along with all the little sessions we did, there were some AMAZING weddings we were so lucky to capture this year. Adam + Jessie, Hadija + Blaine, Cassie + Matt, Brie + Dave, and Selena + Sean. Thank you to all our amazing couples who invited us into their lives and were so welcoming. We feel like family and we are so happy for all of you!

This year felt like a very busy one, not only were our wedding clients getting bigger and better weddings, but we also wanted to say I Do! So… We did!

We Got Married!!

We said “I Do” on August 22nd with all of our family and friends. Thanks to our amazing team of people and vendors who made our dreams come to life. Just to name a few : Blue Devil Golf Course, Dana Cole Photography, Dee Vine Petals, Love Sky Designs, Durand Bridal, Bonnie Inglis, The Bridal Centre, Peoples Jewelry, and of course our bridal party and our parents and grandparents for being our financial support and emotional support through this journey. One of the questions everyone asks us is “how is married life?” and to be honest? Nothing has changed! We’re still the crazy couple that does almost everything together with our pup Toffee and we’re full steam ahead to enjoying our lives together.
There’s only a couple things I would change about our wedding day is to make it longer… Jeesh, they aren’t kidding when they say it flies by. To hire a videographer to capture our awesome slideshow musical number. And I’d hug everyone a little tighter and a little longer.

monstermashup-195 monstermashup-321 monstermashup-385

Photography by Dana Cole Photography

We’ve Been Published!

Oh yeah! Just a few weeks ago we headed out to the launch of Luxe by Calgary Bride at Hotel Arts. It was an amazing night for our industry. So many amazing photo shoots came together to make this magazine what it is. If you haven’t gotten your copy be sure to head out to any location that sells Magazines 🙂
Our shoot in particular was really quite interesting. Dana Heald from Dee Vine Petals talked with us about doing a Frozen Flower wedding inspiration shoot. We wanted to make things look cold and icy in a location that was warm and summery… We chose the conservatory inside the Calgary Zoo… Definitely warm and summer in there. We had the ice centerpiece up there for a couple hours and it had soaked through the table cloths!! Brides probably not the best idea for your hot summer wedding… haha! Everything else smoothly fell into place with Boutiq Weddings & Events at our sides. She perfectly laid out the table setting and truly truly made it beautiful. To top everything off we had stunning stationary from our good friend Kelly at Love Sky Design (If you’re planning an event and need escort cards, menus, invitations, and anything else you can think of you NEED to see this girl)
Anywho! Go get your copy! RIGHT NOW! or after you’re done reading this blog post.


What Else Happened?

I honestly didn’t expect to write this much in this blog post… If you’ve gotten this far good for you! and you deserve a cookie.
Other than all our amazing sessions, weddings, etc… We had some fun of our own. I did the whole bridal shower thing in my moms backyard, we had a stag and doe for our bachelor and bachelorette party (we’re not really party people) we hit over 100,000 K on my car, did some voice acting for video games, attended an awesome wedding summit, and made so many more new friends. We also shipped of to Mexico for a mini honey moon (our 2nd honeymoon is in April so I pre-apologize for the inconvenience anyone…) Los Cabos Mexico was incredible. It was blistering hot, the hotel was practically empty, we’ve never done an all inclusive before, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much in my life…

Other than that I will leave these photos to tell more of the stories 🙂 I hope you enjoy



Boudoir Pin Up Portraits

Calgary Pin Up Photography {Cassie}

Calgary Pin-Up Photography by K&E Imaging

I don’t know what it is about going through old Calgary pin up photographs but it makes me smile so much and get so excited for new pin-up sessions coming up this month! This session with Cassie was an absolute blast! We wanted to do some beach themed pin up photos as summer was approaching. We had the luxury of working with Cheryra from Chey Creations  and really set the mood for the whole session.

Doing a Calgary pin up session is so different from any other shoot you’ll ever do. It brings out that devious woman who is fabulous and she knows it, she flaunts her stuff, and gives a little tease to the man she has her eye on. The ways she tries to get his attention are cute yet oh so sexy, thats what we try and show during any pin up session. You might be inclined to use these techniques on your special someone after we’re done 🙂

If you have been considering doing a pin-up session this is your time! It is our goal to have you leave our studio with a big smile on your face and feeling like a superstar! If you have any questions feel free to call or email me (Kaela) any time

Boudoir Portraits

Why Glamour & Boudoir

These are questions that people ask me all the time. Out of all the areas of photography I could be obsessed with, why would I choose this particular one?

Well my friends, the answer is easy. I love women. Not in the “Lets get married” way, but I appreciate every feeling, every body movement, the way we laugh, cry, sing, dance, we are so different from men and it should be celebrated! We have curves! GIRLS! CURVES! It’s awesome! We are one with nature, the lines our bodies create, we are nature. I could go on and on about why I love the female form, why I love every woman that walks into my studio. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! You make my job easy! And I want to show you how beautiful you are, how everyone on the outside sees you, no matter how you  might be feeling about your body, how you think you should look; that all gets left at the door.

There are only 2 things I need you to bring when you walk through my door:

A smile & pure curiosity.

Lets learn how to love ourselves the way we’re supposed to be loved and get some great photos while we’re doing it.

This is why I got into photography. This is the lesson I have been learning. I want to learn & teach with you.



Boudoir Portraits

Calgary Boudoir { Miss J }

Styled Calgary Boudoir Shoot
with Kaela of K&E Imaging

Miss J came to us back in September to talk about doing our Calgary Boudoir session for a completely unique Christmas gift for her man. She was toying with the idea of doing something special since she wouldn’t be in Calgary for most of the winter. We talked about how boudoir makes you feel sexy, even when you’re not around for your partner to see your little black book, you can feel how they love you from miles away. We rented out a little studio in downtown Calgary and had a great girls morning talking gossip, boys, trends, all while she was having her hair and makeup done by Calgary Boudoir artist Love and Colour Artistry, and maybe sneaking a couple apple turnovers in!

We started off with some fun pin up photos styled after the Toronto Blue Jays since that was his favourite team! Miss J was adorable and flirty as we brought in a real  bat and she told me she had actually never swung a bat in her life! We’ll we had to break that cherry! She may have been in heels and a skirt, but you can tell she would be a natural at it if her partner ever challenged her to a slow pitch game in the Calgary summers. As we started getting set up for the next section of our shoot, she was explaining to me the details of her emergency surgery in the summer time. She was feeling a bit shy about her body because of the large scar it left, she changed into her lingerie, and I thought she’d need some extra shots to get comfortable, but she rocked it and came out with all the confidence saying ‘He loves me the way I am! He didn’t know me before my scar and didn’t judge me then’ Her confidence told me that there was NO FEAR for this part. You can tell by the look in  her eye in the photos below there was no stopping her here.


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