Boudoir Pin Up Portraits

Calgary Pin Up Photography {Cassie}

Calgary Pin-Up Photography by K&E Imaging

I don’t know what it is about going through old Calgary pin up photographs but it makes me smile so much and get so excited for new pin-up sessions coming up this month! This session with Cassie was an absolute blast! We wanted to do some beach themed pin up photos as summer was approaching. We had the luxury of working with Cheryra from Chey Creations  and really set the mood for the whole session.

Doing a Calgary pin up session is so different from any other shoot you’ll ever do. It brings out that devious woman who is fabulous and she knows it, she flaunts her stuff, and gives a little tease to the man she has her eye on. The ways she tries to get his attention are cute yet oh so sexy, thats what we try and show during any pin up session. You might be inclined to use these techniques on your special someone after we’re done 🙂

If you have been considering doing a pin-up session this is your time! It is our goal to have you leave our studio with a big smile on your face and feeling like a superstar! If you have any questions feel free to call or email me (Kaela) any time