Posing Is Good

When we pose you in front of a camera, we always let you know that the pose is completely optional and that we use it as a starting point. We feel that allowing people to be themselves will always make for a more memorable moment.

Natural Is Better

Our cameras are always ready for any shenanigans that happen during a shoot. Our goal is always to capture you in the most authentic way.

More than just a photoshoot

We work with you and your family to create a unique experience. We do more than pose you, we call them games!
Whether its your best fake laugh, silently organizing from tallest to shortest, 10 secrets, squishy hugs, and more!

Classic Images

We also want to be sure you get those classic poses together for Christmas Cards, Announcements, and big canvases to go in the family den!

A bit about why we shoot the way we do.

Family is a crucial part of our lives. Being born into a mainly Italian family it has been my number two passion in my life. Since getting married and starting our own little family (sorry no babies yet) it has become so clear why our family sessions are taking a bigger part of K&E Imaging’s time.

We’ve had the lucky fortune of moving into my grandparents home and my grandmother has a collection of old albums from when my mom was a child and even my childhood. Its amazing to see the growth, the change, and compare it to who we are now as adults.

I wouldn’t change a thing about these albums and want to just share the same feeling I get when I look through these albums to our clients.

Family / Portrait Session Packages

Each family session is as unique as you are! Choose a location like your favourite park, in your home, at the vacation house, anywhere! We’ve done exciting events together like pumpkin patch picking, corn mazes, a short trip to the mountains, and anything you can think of!

Mini Session


25% Deposit
  • 30 Minute Session
  • Online Gallery
  • 10 Edited Images
  • Small Families

    (3-5 people)

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Fuller Session


25% Deposit
  • 2 Hour Session
  • Online Gallery
  • 80 Edited Images
  • Small to Large Families

    (3-15 People)

  • 8″x10″ Heriloom Album


    photo wall cluster

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