Engagement Sessions

We love engagement sessions! Whether its a part of your wedding package or you just want to come shoot with us, WE LOVE IT! The greatest thing about this session is our chance to get to know you, but really its a fantastic opportunity to get to know us (Tooting my own horn much?) What we really want from the session is to have a really great time with you and get some really great images!

Choose a park, or some place that is special to you, choose an event, or something unique happening at that time of year! We've gone canoeing, pumpkin patch picking, corn mazes, coffee, outdoor dancing lessons, and we're always looking for new unique ideas.

We want to make each session special to you. We still try and keep it as candid as possible, so we play games, walk around, dance, whisper in each others ears, and we just like to play off of your relationship.

Go On A Date With US

What do you love to do together? Is it walking along the river? Axe Throwing? Hiking in the Rocky Mountains? Getting a at the place you went for your first date?
Seriously the options are endless!

Be You

The main thing is we want you to be comfortable and feel fabulous in your own skin. Wear anything that makes you feel fabulous!

The professionalism of Kaela and Elijah is second to none, but their warmth and care into their work is what really made them stand out. They have an eye for the moment which made every photo (no matter how big or small the encounter) truly stand out and makes you feel the emotion. We were blown away with everything they had done, and it was one of the best decision we made.
Chelsea & Christian

Posing Is Good

When we pose you in front of a camera, we always let you know that the pose is completely optional and that we use it as a starting point. We feel that allowing people to be themselves will always make for a more memorable moment.

Natural Is Better

Our cameras are always ready for any shenanigans that happen during a shoot. Our goal is always to capture you in the most authentic way.