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K&E Imaging shot our wedding, and to say I was beyond thrilled with the pictures would be an understatement. They are wonderful to work with and the product they delivery is astoundingly beautiful and professional. They made me feel gorgeous on my wedding day, and every other time I have shot with them I have had the same great experience. Kaela and Elijah have huge talent and an ability to shoot every type of event with precision and uniqueness. These people are always my go-to!


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Amazing! Great to work with and got really wonderful shots of my wedding.


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Never done a personal photo shoot with my partner before… We had so much fun on our shoot we barely noticed the cameras going! We loved it, thank you so much!


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Fantastic. These two work so well together and create some of the most gorgeous photos. They both think out of the box and come up with creative and imaginative angles, poses and idea’s that most wouldn’t think of. It doesn’t matter if you are having a bad face, hair, makeup day or just a bad day in general. You’re sure to leave smiling and to feel comfortable throughout your shoot. Plus the pictures always come out on point!


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After having my first ever boudoir experience with K&E Imaging, I fell in love. Kaela was outstanding with her ability to take me from being nervous and self-conscious to stunning and powerful, I’m still speechless and floating. The creativity and dedication shows through her passion and energy while she shot with me, and I couldn’t think of a more inspirational woman to be working in such a memory making field. Kaela is truly an incredible photographer and I cannot wait until I get to be in the focus of her lens again. 


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“I was totally blown away by the level of service that Kaela and Elijah provided. They went above and beyond during both the engagement shoot and wedding. Not only did we receive way more amazing pictures than we were expecting, but we also had a lot of fun in the process, and it was because K&E and such great people. Seriously- hire them!”

Adam + Jessie

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“Absolutely love working with K&E Imaging. I own a knitting company called Knitatude based out of Calgary and I will not go to any other person for photography. Kaela always seems to pull out the best in people and captures such great shots while making the shoot fun,effortless and easy going. If you are looking for unique and detail oriented photos I highly recommend booking them. Organized, prepped and always up for a bit of fun you know you are going to get fabulous photos no matter what. This is my third Knitatude photoshoot I’ve done with K&E and I will keep coming back!”


Chantal – Knitatude[/vc_column_text][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1448665754052-0-1″][vc_column_text]Wedding Photography by K&E imaging

My husband and I used K&E Imaging for our wedding and we were blown away with not only the quality of photos that they took, but with how on-top of everything they were. There wasn’t a moment at our wedding that was missed! They were also great people to work with at the wedding, very friendly, knowledgeable, and hilarious! K&E Imaging has always gone above and beyond with the work they’ve done for me and I would recommend them for any photos you need done. (I’ve also had head shots done by Kaela and they were fantastic.) You’ll have a hard time choosing which photos to display in your home! (I want to frame them all!)

Cassie + Matt